December 12 Hi Stav , I’m having a wonderful holiday in South Africa . I love seeing the wild animals in the Kruger National Park . Yesterday we went to see a famous hippo . Her name is Jessica . She has her own website and a fan club . She was on TV too ! She lives with Tonie and Shirley Joubert on their farm near the park . I asked Tonie and Shirley how they found her . They said that they found her after a bad flood . She was next to the river near their house . She was four hours old . They carried her home and gave her milk to drink . Tonie and Shirley knew that she couldn’t survive so they took care of her until she was healthy . Now Jessica is over ten years old . Most hippos are dangerous , but Jessica is not dangerous at all . She’s kind and friendly and she loves her family . We even gave Jessica apples to eat and tea from a bottle ! Her best friends are Tonie and Shirley’s pet dogs . When a wild hippo is in the river , Jessica sometimes goes to meet it . She plays with it , ...  אל הספר