Children and adults all over the world love to fly kites . There are many kite festivals around the world . In India , on January 14 every year , there is a kite festival to celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of spring . There are many beautiful kites in the sky . They come in different colors , shapes and sizes . Some kites look like dragons or butterflies . Some are so big that six people have to hold the kite . Another famous kite festival is called “ Painting the Skies” . This is an international festival in Italy . More than 10 , 000 people from all over the world go to Lake Trasimeno to fly their kites . For five days at the end of April , visitors can see beautiful kites and balloons in all colors . They can eat delicious Italian food and listen to music . There is also a kite festival in Israel every year . It is just before Rosh Hashanah . It is at the Apollonia National Park . People bring their own kites or make kites at the festival . Parents and children write w...  אל הספר