Shani Hi ! What’s up ? :- ) Tomer Nothing much ! What are you doing ? Shani I’m chatting with some friends on Facebook Tali wants to have a party on Thursday night Can you come ? Tomer Oh , no , I can’t come It’s my mom’s birthday on Thursday ! What can I get her ??? Shani Well – what does she like ? Tomer I don’t know Shani Make a card and buy her some flowers My mom loves flowers Tomer I don’t have any money :- ( Maybe I can make her something What do you think ? Any ideas ? Shani I know ! You can bake a cake Tomer ME ?? BAKE A CAKE ? NO WAY ! Shani Why not ? I have an easy recipe I’ll e-mail it to you Wait I’ll go get it I just sent you the recipe It’s so easy – even YOU can do it You need sugar , eggs , self-rising flour , oil … Tomer Wait a minute What’s self-rising flour ? I can’t do this Can you come to my house and make the cake ? Shani NO ! You do it ! Your mom will be proud of you Tomer Pleeeeeease ! Shani Just read the recipe – it’s really easy You only need one bowl – you m...  אל הספר