Most museums tell people “ Look , but don’t touch ! ” At the Dowse Museum in Wellington , New Zealand , there is an exhibition you can look at and touch . In fact , you can ride any of the 52 bikes , scooters and tricycles at the museum ! It all started when Scott Eady wanted to give his three children new bikes , but he didn’t have enough money . He had an idea . He went to the garbage dump and looked for old bikes that people didn’t want . He took the bikes home , cleaned them , fixed them and painted them . His children loved the new bikes because they were special and no one had the same bikes . Scott loved the work and wanted other children to have fun with new bikes too . That is why he started a project called “ 100 Bikes Project” . For three years he went to the dump two or three times a week and looked for old bikes . He took them home and made new bikes from different parts . After all his hard work , he took the bikes to the Dowse Museum . Now children can go to the museum ,...  אל הספר