Omer : Hi , Dana . Listen to this story . I read it on the Internet . Do you think it’s true ? A few years ago a police officer in America needed a dog to help him with his police work . He decided to get a good police dog from Israel . He knew that dogs that are trained in Israel are the best . He was lucky . In Israel he got a beautiful , three-year-old German Shepherd and he took it to the U . S . A . But then the trouble started . The dog didn’t understand what the police officer said . The police officer learned the commands in Hebrew , but the dog still didn’t understand . The police officer didn’t know what to do . Then he had an idea . He went to a rabbi . He asked the rabbi to teach him how to say the commands correctly in Hebrew . It was amazing ! The dog understood the police officer and everyone was happy . Dana : No way ! I’m sure that story isn’t true . Omer : You’re wrong ! The story is true . The dog’s name is Miky . He was born in Holland and he was trained in Israel ....  אל הספר