Do you have a problem ? Elana helps kids with their problems . Dear Ofer , Your parents love you . They want you to be responsible . My advice for you is very simple . First tell your parents you are sorry . Think about each call you make . Promise to use your phone only after you finish your homework . Tell your mom that you will walk to school every morning and back home every afternoon – that’s good exercise ! Ask your parents how you can help them pay the phone bill . Maybe you can babysit or wash the car . When you do get your phone back , remember to keep your promises . Good luck ! Elana Did You Understand ? A Tick ( 3 ) the correct columns . B Answer the questions . 1 . What is Ofer’s problem ? 2 . What does Ofer use his cellphone for ? 3 . Why were Ofer’s parents very angry ?  אל הספר