Most kids love to play games on the computer and watch TV , but not 10-year-old CJ Senter . He says , “ I love staying fit and healthy . ” He is one of the youngest fitness instructors in the U . S . A . CJ loves football . He is an excellent football player . He is the best on his team , and they win most of their games . He decided to show other kids that exercise can be fun and that it can help them win games too . He made two workout DVDs . They are called “ Workout Kid” . Each DVD has a 40-minute workout with great music and fun activities . CJ’s plan is to get kids off the sofa and moving to the music with kids their own age . In his DVD he tells the kids to drink water , to warm up before the workout and to cool down at the end . He always tells the kids , “ You can do it !” More about CJ Favorite subject : math Other sports : basketball and running Pets : five dogs Family : an older brother , Brandon , and a younger sister , Jasmine Plans for the future : to be a football playe...  אל הספר