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WRITING MATTERS A Read the excerpt from an episode of a soap opera and answer the questions below . Tara : ( almost crying ) But I really don’t know what to do to help . I’ve used up all my money ! Kevin : ( angrily ) Well , just ask your parents for some more . Tara : ( walks across the room to the window ) You know that I can’t lie to them again ! Kevin : You know that if he goes to jail it’ll be your fault , and then your parents will find out what your part was in the whole mess . Tara : Please , give me a day or two to think about what to do . Kevin : There’s no time for that . 1 . A script for a soap opera or a dialogue from a play may include a description of the main characters ’ appearance , feelings or way of life . Which of these can you find in the excerpt above ? 2 . A script for a soap opera may have romance , drama , mystery , humor , or fantasy . Which of these can you find in the excerpt above ? 3 . In your notebook , add three sentences to the excerpt . B 1 . In your notebook , write a script like the one above of an episode for a soap opera or TV series . Remember that the language will probably be informal , spoken language . Use the following guidelines : 1 . Decide who the main characters are and what they look like . 2 . Write an outline of the plot . Use these questions to help you . What is the time and setting ? What happens in this episode ? What problems arise ? How does the episode end ? 2 . Write the script . 3 . Act out the episode for the class , or film it so that the class can watch it . Mind Matters A Read a book by Charles Dickens and then write a review of it . B Write a review of a magazine or TV serial .


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