Let' ' s Talk The following are examples of questions that you could ask students in Israel who are also studying with this textbook : In what ways is your life influenced by the fact that Jews are the majority in Israel ? Do you think all Jews should visit Israel ? Why ? Do you think that every Jew should make aliyah ? Why ? In this chapter , we learned about the aspects of the Land of Israel and the State of Israel that make it unique . Were you surprised by anything you learned here ? Explain your answer . The following are examples of questions that students in Israel are likely to ask you : Have you ever visited Israel ? If so , what was the reason for your visit ( family visit , vacation , the desire to visit the Jewish state , another reason )? Were you surprised by what you saw there ? Explain . If not , would you like to visit Israel ? Why yes or no ? Do you have anything from Israel in your home ? If so , what kind of things ? Do you feel that you know more about Israel than about other countries , such as France , Italy or Senegal , for example ? If so , what are the sources of your information ? Do you think that Jews should have a special place in their hearts for Israel ? Explain your answer .

קרן תל"י

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