A Sovereign overe n State “ Have you been talking to your aunt ? She says the exact same thing . Look , it’s not so simple . It’s true that I’m disappointed about a few issues and there are things that annoy me , but I’m here because I believe that it is possible to make changes . We have an incredible opportunity to establish a just society , the kind of society that the prophets envisioned . Don’t forget the remarkable accomplishments that have been achieved in this country and that are being achieved every day . A week ago a delegation from an African country came to Israel to learn about our legal system . The Torah teaches ‘ justice , pursue justice . ’ Our legal system serves as a model to others . And that’s not all . We have good hospitals , good doctors and scientists , good roads , a democracy ... our country is ‘ a package deal ’ with all its strengths and its weaknesses . I’m trying to do everything within my power to make it as good as it can be . I sometimes get frustrated along the way , but that’s a small price to pay for the great enterprise that is underway ! Hadas looked at her uncle with pride , while Jonathan appeared to be deep in thought . “ Here we are ! ” said Uncle Aaron . “ We’ve reached the next stop just in time – the cafeteria ! Let me treat you to ice cream . ” 1 a . What is the duty of a Knesset member according to Hadas’s uncle ? b . According to Hadas’s uncle , what are some of Israel’s problems ? c . 1 . Hadas’s uncle quoted a few verses from the Torah . Which verses did he quote ? 2 . Why do you think he quoted them ? What message did he want to convey ? d . Although Israel is a very young state ( it was founded only in 1948 ) , it already has quite a few accomplishments . What is an example of one of Israel’s important achievements ? e . From what Jonathan and Hadas learned on their tour of the Knesset , how do you think Israel is different from Jewish communities around the world ?

קרן תל"י

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