“ Very well ! As you may know , there are many foreign workers in Israel , non-Jews who come here to earn a living . Many of their employers exploit them . They promise the workers good conditions before coming to work in Israel : housing , high salaries , regular work hours , etc . However , when the workers arrive , they find a totally different reality : ten workers are crowded into apartments that can accommodate only five ; they are underpaid and the work conditions are not only shocking , but also illegal they are forced to work long hours without any breaks or vacation ... it infuriates me . ” “ But that’s awful ! What can be done ?” “ I’m trying to pass some laws that will ensure the basic rights of foreign workers , but there is opposition in every corner . For example , a discussion about this issue was scheduled to take place today , but I was just informed that it has been postponed , and this is not the first time ! That’s why I got so angry . ” “ But why ? I don’t understand , ” Jonathan asked . “ Doesn’t everyone agree there should be laws to protect foreign workers ?” “ Yes , you would think that ... believe me , I don’t understand it either . Jewish tradition teaches us to treat every human being with respect : ‘ And if a stranger lives with you in your land , do not mistreat him , he will be as a member of your people . Love him as yourself , for you were strangers in Egypt . ’ Who should know better than us Jews how to treat foreigners or weaker members of society ? In the same way , I also spend a lot of my time working to strengthen those who need help like the poor , the elderly , and single-parent families . As the Torah teaches us : ‘ Open your hand to your poor and to your needy brother in your land . ’ I admit , sometimes I feel weighed down by the challenges ... ” “ Uncle Aaron , you seem so fed up ! Maybe you should consider leaving your job in the Knesset ? Why don’t you go back to teaching Torah ? You always loved that ! ”

קרן תל"י

לצפייה מיטבית ורציפה בכותר