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C Read the review and answer the questions below . Special Actors Review by Anna Feldman When I heard that Nalaga’at (???? ??) had a new play , I hurried to buy a ticket . It’s the only theater like it in the world . The actors in this theater are deaf and blind . I wanted to see how these actors talk to each other and to the audience . When the play began , I found out . The actors speak with their hands . They use sign language in each other’s hands . There are also “ helpers ” on the stage that can see and hear . They help the actors move around . The helpers also help the actors talk to the audience . They pat the actors on their backs to tell them when the audience claps . The play is called “ Not by Bread Alone ” . It is about the silent and dark world of deaf and blind people . The actors showed us that deaf and blind people have the same dreams as we do . They want to have friends , to have jobs and to fall in love . I saw the amazing courage of these actors . They have succeeded because they don’t let their problems stop them . The play is very interesting and makes you think . Don’t miss it . You can see it at the Nalaga’at Theater in Yafo . The play begins at 21 : 00 , Sundays to Thursdays . 1 . Who wrote the review ? 2 . What is the review about ? 3 . Where can you see the play ?


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