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Approaching a City 1 Look at the pictures of different cities on this page and discuss the following questions . & Where was the photographer when he / she took each picture ? @ What does this tell you about the different means people use to approach a city or to get around within a city ? 2 Read a dictionary entry for the word " city . " a Which of the pictures shows one or more of the elements mentioned in the dictionary entry ? Describe which elements are present . $ With a partner , discuss what you know about cities . Add to one or both of the above definitions , or add a definition of your own . Z Choose two of the pictures showing cities that appear to be similar to each other in some way and different from the others . With your partner , compare the choices you made . What does this tell you about similarities and differences between cities ? 4 Choose one of the pictures . What is special about the city , according to the picture ? city / 7 1 . a large and important town . 2 . a center of population , business and culture . Beijing street scene Above the NewYork skyscrapers Canals are streets in the city of Venice .

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