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Hilping Others There are many ways that people reach out to help others . One way to find out about how to help is by using the Internet . The following Internet sites came up in a search using the key words " reaching out . " 1 Look through the list and discuss the following : a What is the connection between the key words and the site ? & Which of the sites did you not expect to find associated with the key words ? Explain why . Reaching out for peace in our time Educational projects encouraging children to respect others — both friends and strangers . If you are a teacher or involved in education , you can become a member of our educators' community ... Reaching out to the disabled Organization coordinating voluntary work with the disabled : reading to the blind , assisting people in wheelchairs ... Reaching out to children in need Your donation of $ 1 a month for one year can give a child the nutrition needed for a whole year ... Reaching out to at-home parents If you are feeling isolated from the rest of the world while you are at home with your young children , our online community will ... Reaching out to customers of FASTWEB Our online support service is directed to our customers . If you need help in using FASTWEB , the professional web editor , click "Support" and use your customer user name to identify yourself ... 2 Using the format found in activity 1 , write the blurbs for three more sites to add to the list . You may use the following words in your blurbs : 3 Where would you find information about "reaching out" without the Internet ? Make a list of places or organizations that might be able to help and the kind of information that they might be able to provide . Putting It Together In this section , you have read about different ways of reaching out to help others . Discuss one of the following questions with a partner . & Which of the activities that you take part in are examples of helping others , or of reaching out to the community ? $ Which additional activities would you be prepared to take upon yourself in order to reach out to the community that you live in ? What are some of the problems or difficulties that you might encounter ? How would you solve these ? Additional material on Student Work Page 15 . acquaintances advice benefit circumstances coordinate donate donation friends relatives strangers

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