After You Read : Vocabulary A number of expressions can be found in the article "Stay-at-Home Dads . " An expression is a phrase of two or more words which "hangs together . " The form 0 \ an expression is usually fixed and the meaning 01 the whole expression is sometimes different from the meaning of the individual words . Read the following sentences taken from the article on pages 17 and 18 and find the definition in the box that explains each of the highlighted expressions . Write the definition next to the expression . Answer in your notebook . i After I deliver them and head for my train to the city . .. the fantasy is strongest . I I suspect that a lot of other men have similar thoughts , but I also suspect that we all get hung up on the same concern . .. .. . how do we give up identities that rely so much on what we do at work ? The other dad , Kurt Schubert ,.. . doesn't hear many comments about his ability to hold down a job , but he does get tired of being called Mr . Mom . / But Mr . Baylies , a stay-at-home dad with two school-age children , says making the leap isn ' t easy . .. ! Some dads were out of the house trying to find jobs , while some families decided to keep their children in day care . i Many men say stay-at-home fathering is a luxury that only the wealthy can afford , which seems to make sense until you realize how long women managed the same feat . Definitions where children are looked after while their parents are working effecting a big change are stuck ? keep ? be logical ? go towards ? let go of To get hung up is an idiom . An idiom is a fixed expression with a figurative ( not literal ) meaning . Is there a similar idiom in your language ? If so , what is it ? To give up is a phrasal verb — an expression containing a verb and a particle ( adverb or preposition ) . What is the difference between give up and give in ? Notice that the meaning changes when a different preposition is used . To hold down is also a phrasal verb . IWhat are the meanings of hold up and hold off ?

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