U Getting Ready to Listen Creating communities on the Internet is becoming more and more popular with people of all ages , Listen to the introduction to a show called Community Issues . a What is the general topic of the interview ? % What specific issues do you think will be discussed ? List two or three issues . Listen to the show and answer on Student Work Page 4 . First Listening Which of the following best characterizes the specific topic of the interview ? ? The historyof Internet chats by different communities ? The use of Internet chats by different communities ? The use of names in Internet chats ? The kinds of issues discussed in Internet chats 2 Look at your answer to activity b above . Did you predict any of the topics before you heard the interview ? If so , which ones ? Second Listening Listen to the interview again and check the questions that were discussed . & Why do some people prefer Internet chats to real conversations ? & In which kinds of chats do people usually use their real names ? c What examples are given of made-up names in chats ? < 3 How are some " chat names" chosen ? a Why could it be dangerous for people to identify themselves in chats ? f Why do some people use made-up names in chats ? g Why do some people keep their real names in chats ? | J Thinking About What You Have Heard The interview ends with a famous quotation from Shakespeare : "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet . " Explain the meaning of the quote and its connection to the interview . Putting It Together After completing this section , have you started to think differently about your name ? If so , in what way ?

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