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The Space Race 1 In The Space Race Game on pages 24 and 25 , you will learn about the history of American and Soviet manned space exploration . Read the directions and play the game with a partner . Game Directions for The Space Race Game Recommended age : 9-99 Number of players : 2 Playing pieces : gameboard , one die and two game markers Object of the game : to collect the most space points Rules and directions : 1 . Each player picks a game marker and puts it on the square "Begin Here . " 2 . The first player rolls the die and moves the same number of squares on the gameboard . He or she then reads the information in the square out loud and decides if the event is an achievement or a setback in space exploration . If the event is an achievement , the player gets 2 points . If the event is about a setback , the player loses 1 point . The other player takes his or her turn and does the same . The players keep score by listing points on a sheet of paper . 3 . If a player lands on "Miss a turn , " he or she must wait the listed number of turns ( 1-2 ) before playing again . 4 . If a player lands on a rocket , he or she moves ahead 1 square . 5 . If a player lands on a ladder , he or she moves to the top of the ladder , and continues playing from that square . 6 . The first player to reach "Finish" gets 5 bonus points . 7 . When the other player reaches "Finish , " each player adds up his or her points . The player with the most points wins The Space Race Game . Answer in your notebook . 2 After you play the game , complete the following sentences about The Space Race Game . The game is called The Sp ace Race Game because two countriea ,.. . and . . ., p articip ated in the race to the .... I think . .. won the race because . .. . 3 What events do you think were most important ? With a partner , make up a "Top 5 " list of important space events .

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