Clothes and Color Some colors are always in fashion . Other colors come and go . This may be connected to the meanings of the color in different cultures . 1 Write the words that you associate with each of the colors listed below . 2 Read about the meanings of colors around the world . @ Which of your ideas match those of other peoples and cultures ? S > Why do you think some colors always stay in fashion ? Discuss . Red Red is the color of blood and fire and often represents life . In many countries of Eastern culture , people wear a red ruby for long life . It also symbolizes happiness . In Western culture , red is a symbol of love . Yellow Yellow is the color of the sun and therefore represents warmth and attracts attention . In Eastern culture , yellow is a sign of happiness . In Western culture , yellow is a sign of caution . Green In nature , green reappears in spring , after the dull and colorless winter . All over the world , green represents youth , energy and growth , as well as calm . However , in Western culture , green sometimes symbolizes jealousy . Blue Blue is the color of water and the sea and it shows life and purity . In Western culture , blue symbolizes loyalty and authority , but it also shows sadness . Blue symbolizes strength and power in Eastern culture . Black Black is the color of the night and is generally considered a serious color . In Eastern culture , black clothes are the color of evil for many people . In traditional Western culture , black is the color of mourning * . However , in Western culture today . people choose black when they want to dress up elegantly . White In Western culture , white is worn to symbolize purity . This tradition began at the beginning of the 20 "' century . White is the color of mourning in China _ and Japan , but it has other meanings as well . ; What do the following colors mean to you ? Compare with a partner and discuss . gold orange purple silver * mourning —a period of time when sadness and grief are shown for a person ' s death .

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