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Closer Reading Answer on 1 Find the words and phrases in the article on pages 10-11 that show how Tomi felt about her dog and list them in the table . 2 Which sentence in the article best describes Tomi's feelings , in your opinion ? Copy the sentence . Compare your answer with a partner and discuss . 3 All of the following ideas are in the article . Which one is the main message in your opinion ? & There is a special bond between pet owners and their pets . $ ג Every pet is special , so it's not easy to change one pet for another . c People should be sensitive to how others feel . < 3 Different things happen to different people , so it's difficult to understand the feelings of other people . Compare your answer to activity 3 with a partner and discuss . fy § Thinking About What You Have Read How did the article make you feel ? Discuss the following questions . kil & What did you like about the article ? I •) Why would you tell a friend to read the article ? @ In what ways did you identify with * Tomi's feelings ? Additional activities on ^ -rrnnmi /' in . Wirr , ^ 57-58 . , Begin your sentences with : The article made me feel . I liked ... I would tell a friend ... I identified with ... identify with — understand .

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