Ho w t o Ma k e a Fr u it Sh a k e I am putting yogurt into the blender . ” “ I am putting the fruit into the blender . “ I am not putting in bananas today . ” I am washing the fruit . ” “ I am putting orange juice and “ into the blender . ” ( קרח / جليد ) ice I am mixing the fruit shake in the blender . ” “ I am cutting the fruit . ” “ I am pouring the fruit shake . ” “ a b c d e f g Listening AFTER STUDENT’S BOOK, PAGE 75, EXERCISE 1 Eli is making fruit shakes on Healthy Food Day . How do you think he makes them ? Read the sentences and number them in the correct order . מספרו את המשפטים לפי הסדר הנכון . رقّموا الجمل حسب الترتيب الصحيح . 78


לצפייה מיטבית ורציפה בכותר