d e a r s u m m e r NOW READ Read the poem below . How does the C קראו וענו על השאלה . ? writer feel about the summer إقرأوا وأجيبوا عن السؤال . משקפת שחייה / نظارات السباحة goggles 1 יוצא לכיוון / أتوّجه إلى head for 2 חבל / أمر مؤسف sort of a shame 3 by Kenn Nesbitt Dear Summer, you’re always my favorite . I really do like you a lot . You come every year, and I’m glad when you’re here . I don’t even mind that you’re hot . Dear Summer, whenever you visit, I love to go outside to play . I get to wear shorts and play summertime sports, or sometimes do nothing all day . and swim suit,I put on my goggles 1 the beach or the park . and head for 2 I go for a hike or I ride on my bike, and stay awake long after dark . Dear Summer, I’m glad you could join us . without you, it won’t be the same . I promise I know that you do have to go, but, still, it seems sort of a shame 3 . I’m sure that I’m going to miss you . The school year is finally here . I had so much fun playing out in the sun . I guess that I’ll see you next year . 5 10 15 20 25 154


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