G 1 The words in bold in the chart below appeared in the article The New York Subway Hero . The other words are members of the same word family . Write the meaning of each word in the chart . 2 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in bold . Use the chart above to help you . Make any necessary changes . 1 We noticed some people who looked as though they needed assistance . We offered to them , but they thanked us and said that they could manage . 2 The brave firefighter received a medal for his . I don’t think I could ever act as . I’d probably be scared to death ! 3 The volunteers received an official commendation from the head of the organization , who them on their excellent work . I think it was of her to honor the volunteers publicly in that way . 4 Young children are very influenced by their parents ’ values . As they get older , however , friends often have a stronger on a teenage child than their parents do . In fact , most parents probably don’t realize how friends are in forming their teenage children’s opinions . 5 All passengers are obliged by law to wear a seat belt in a moving car . In other words , seat belts are for all passengers , and drivers have an to ensure that all passengers are wearing one . 6 My brother and his wife want to buy a new car , but they can’t decide what kind because there are so many options available . They also need to decide which of the features they want to add . ( Each one they choose will add to the price of the car . ) In the end , they may just to buy a used car instead . 7 We posted a request for help on the Internet and the response was incredible . Hundreds of people ! We never dreamed that the public would be so to our request . 8 Few people survived the Holocaust . After the war , the began searching for any relatives .


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