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MODALS AND SEMI-MODALS semi-modals modals semi-modals modals Modals USE can / can’t could / couldn’t can can should / shouldn’t must mustn’t may Semi-modals USE have to / has to don’t have to / doesn’t have to be able to EXAMPLES He can sell his food at the market . We can grow our own food . People can’t eat the food anymore . Can I take your book ? The sailors could go on the voyage . He couldn’t do it on his own . Could you help me ? We should fix your bike . You shouldn’t drink so much cofee . Should I ask for help ? I must leave . Must we do this ? You mustn’t walk in the road . The teacher may give back our tests today . We may not speak in the library . EXAMPLES We have to finish our homework . She has to go to the doctor . Do we have to go to the party ? You don’t have to tidy your room today . She doesn’t have to carry that heavy bag . My parents are able to speak French . I wasn’t able to get to the station . Will we be able to leave at 8 o’ clock ?


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