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WRITING Write a review A review When you buy something online , you are often asked to write a review . In a review , you describe the item you bought . Then you express your opinion about the item and the service you received . A Maya bought running pants from Sports Online . Read the email she got . Why did the company write to her ? Thank you for buying from Sports Online . We would like to hear what you think about your new product . We are also interested in your opinion of our service . Please complete the online customer review . \ B 1 Read the customer review that Maya wrote . SPORTS ONLINE CUSTOMER REVIEW Name : Maya Green Age : 15 How did you hear about us ? from a friend by surfing the web in an ad PRODUCT What product did you by ? running pants Are you happy with the product ? Yes No REVIEW Please comment about the product you bought . I think the running pants that I bought are great . They have pockets which are very useful and they’re light and comfortable to wear . They also keep me warm . The only problem is they are expensive . What is your opinion of our service ? Would you recommend us to your friends ? Explain why or why not . I would recommend this company . In my opinion , it’s great . My order arrived quickly and I got exactly what I wanted ! 2 How did Maya hear about the online company ?


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