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A I accept . I practice before the game because it’s important for me to compete . B I play to have fun and I also try my best to win . C I decide not to play because I know I can’t beat him or her . A I promise myself to work harder and improve on the next test . B I don’t mind . My friend’s grades have nothing to do with my grades . C I congratulate ( ) my friend on his or her grade . A I stick to the rules of the game even if it means my brother doesn’t have a chance to win . B I give him a chance to win . C I let him win . After all , he’s my younger brother . A I get angry at myself for losing . B I am a good sport . I finish the competition . C I give up and stop playing in the middle of the competition . A I can’t let my friend run faster . I push myself to run harder . B I decide I won’t run with my friend . He or she is much better than me . C I tell my friend that he or she is in good shape . KEY : A = 3 points B = 2 points C = 1 point 9-11 POINTS You are proud when you win and accept the times when you lose . You try to improve so that you will win the next time you play . 12-15 POINTS You always do the best you can . You are very competitive and want to be a winner . D Look at the questionnaire again and answer the questions below . 1 . Which questions are about sports ? 2 . Which question is about another game ? 3 . Which question is about school ? 4 . Which options in the questions are about being a good sport ? E With a partner , think of a question and add it to the questionnaire . Make sure the question will show how competitive a person is .


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