Make a profile about a teenager who does or did something great . A Complete the plan . Choose the teenager you want to write about . Find out information about him or her . Complete the plan on page 241 . B Prepare your first draft . Use the information in your plan to prepare your first draft . Choose how you want to present your information . You may : make a poster OR make a booklet OR prepare a talk . C Check your work . Use this checklist to help you prepare your final presentation . CHECKLIST 1 . I chose a teenager who did something great . 2 . I found out about the teenager . 3 . I completed the plan . 4 . I made a profile . 5 . I used new vocabulary . 6 . I used parts of speech and pronouns correctly . 7 . I used capital letters and periods correctly . 8 . I handed in my first draft . 9 . I corrected my work and wrote the final draft . D Present your work . Present your profile . You can use pictures . EXTRA Make a profile about a teenager who volunteers or helps the environme...  אל הספר