READING 1 AFTER STUDENT’S BOOK , PAGE 94 , EXERCISE A Word Help A Write the words in English . Use the triangles for help . Add up the numbers in each triangle . Then find a triangle with the same number . Reading Help You are going to read at least stories 1 and 2 in your Student’s Book , pages 94-95 . B Do you remember these words ? Story 1 appears below . Write the meanings of the words in bold . You can use your Glossary for help . King Penguins usually live in the Antarctic – the coldest place on our planet ! Lala is a King Penguin , but he lives with a family in Japan . Penguins eat a lot of fresh fish and Lala does too . Every day Lala walks to the fish shop . The owner of the shop puts one fish in Lala’s mouth and another fish in his bag for the family . On the way home Lala gets hot . He stops in a neighbor’s garden to cool off . The neighbor pours water on him . When Lala gets home , he goes into his room . It’s a special room for a penguin – cooler than all the other rooms i...  אל הספר