READING 1 AFTER STUDENT’S BOOK , PAGE 36 , EXERCISE A Word Help A Write the words in English . You can use the scores to help you . The fastest time goes first and the slowest time goes last . Reading Help You are going to read at least parts 1 and 2 of an article called “ Aiming High” in your Student’s Book , page 37 . B 1 Do you remember these words ? Part 1 of the article appears below . Write the meanings of the words in bold . You can use your Glossary for help . Part 1 Venus and Serena Williams are sisters and famous tennis players . They started playing tennis when they were very young . The girls aimed high – they worked very hard to become the best tennis players in the world . They both exercise and work hard in the gym , but Serena doesn’t enjoy it . “ I hate working out , but I have to , ” she says . “ When I’m running , I think about how much I want to win . ” 2 New Words Find five New Words in part 1 above and underline them . C Answer the questions about the article .  אל הספר