In this unit you will : n consider the importance of taste . n learn about taste in music and movies . n express your opinion . n learn to compare and contrast . At the end of the unit you will be able to : n write a paragraph giving your opinion . n write a restaurant review recommending your favorite restaurant . A Look at these pictures and choose one of the foods . Describe it to your partner , but don’t say what it is . See if your partner can guess which food you described . Try to use at least three of the adjectives below . sweet sour spicy bitter salty delicious tasty disgusting ???? / ????? healthy unhealthy fattening tasteless crunchy ?? / ???? creamy juicy B With a partner decide if the following statements are true or false . Check your answers on page 173 . SENSATIONAL FACTS 1 We have thousands of taste buds inside our mouths . 2 If you eat apples , potatoes and onions with your nose plugged ( ????? / ????) , they all taste the same . 3 We are all born with a sweet tooth ...  אל הספר