In this unit you will : n read about new inventions related to our sense of sight . n learn about an unusual vision problem . n ask for and give advice . n learn to explain cause and effect . At the end of the unit you will be able to : n write a description . n write an informative advertisement about a new product or service . A Do you notice the little things that are part of your everyday life ? Write the answers to the quiz below in your notebook and see how observant ( ???????? ????? / ??? ???) you are . Check your answers on page 173 . How Well Do You See ? 1 . Where is the color green on a traffic light – at the top or bottom ? 2 . What two numbers on a phone don't have letters of the alphabet by them ? 3 . When you walk , does your left arm swing with your right or left leg ? 4 . Does smoke come out of the cigarette in a "no smoking" sign ? 5 . Are the buttons of a woman's shirt on the right or left side ? On which side are they on a man’s shirt ? 6 . Is the face on a 50 sheke...  אל הספר