A You are going to listen to a conversation between Maya and her cousin Amy from New York . Here are some things Maya and Amy can do when Amy visits Jerusalem . Match the sentences to the pictures . 1 . Maya and Amy can eat falafel on Agrippas Street . 2 . They can listen to teens playing their guitars on Ben Yehuda Street . 3 . They can take a bus to King George Street . 4 . They can have ice cream on Jaffa Street . B Listen to Maya and Amy’s conversation . In your notebook , number the pictures in the order Maya talks about them . Note : There are more pictures than you need . C Listen again . In your notebook , write true or false for each sentence . 1 . Maya and Amy are walking to Ben Yehuda Street . 2 . King George was a king of Israel . 3 . Ben Yehuda thought of many new words in Hebrew . 4 . There will be pictures on the new street signs . 5 . Amy doesn’t like falafel .  אל הספר