. CCircle the correct meaning of the words in bold There will be an additional charge of $ 30 for the extra baggage . . 1 נוסף إضافي . b תחרותי تنافسي . a She is a very competitive person who always tries her hardest to succeed . . 2 ממוצעת متوسطة، عادية . b תחרותית ذات عقلية تنافسية . a The colors you choose will determine the mood of the picture . . 3 יקבעו تُحدِّد . b ישפרו تُحسِّن . a I didn’t need to read the words of the song because I had memorized them . . 4 בחרתי اخترْتُ . b שיננתי استظهرْتُ، استذكرْتُ . a My parents cried during my school graduation ceremony . . 5 טקס حفْل، مراسم . b בחירה اختيار، انتخاب . a We were surprised because this was not how she typically behaved . . 6 בצורה אופיינית بشكل نمطي . b בו זמנית معاً، في ذات الوقت . a Vocabulary Practice ACircle the correct answer in each sentence . Then write the underlined phrases and sentences in your language . At the beginning of the school year, we have a big president / ceremony / elective to welcome . 1 all the stu...  אל הספר
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