? SHEILA : Hi, Tony . What was special about this storm TONY : Well, it was one of the largest snowstorms in U . S . history . It snowed in places like Florida and Georgia . These places don’t get snow very often . SHEILA : How long did the snowstorm last ? TONY : It began on January 2 and went on until January 6 . SHEILA : Where did the largest amount of snow fall ? TONY : In New Jersey . In some places, there was more than 40 centimeters of snow . SHEILA : Wow ! That’s a lot of snow ! Did the snowstorm cause a lot of problems ? TONY : Yes, there was a lot of damage and many people did not have electricity 1 . SHEILA : What about the airports ? Were they open ? TONY : No, everything was closed . The airports, the cinemas, the schools – even the stores were closed . SHEILA : Did the people have enough food ? TONY : Yes, most people were all right . They bought food and water before the storm began . SHEILA : So is it important to prepare yourself before a snowstorm starts ? TONY : Of c...  אל הספר