APPRECIATION OF LITERATURE, EXPANSION AND SPELLINGLANGUAGE AND CULTURE PRESENTATION GRAMMAR, WORD Part 4 Literature To the South Pole a true story Sequencing Predicting Setting Language and Culture People around the world Names of countries and languages Learning about Shackleton’s expedition to the South Pole Writing Capital letters Performance Task Create a fact file for a country of your choice . Grammar Present Simple Present Progressive Comparison with adjectives : comparatives and superlatives Word Expansion Opposites Spell It ! Long “i” sound Part 4 Literature Daedalus and Icarus a Greek myth Character Language and Culture Festivals around the world Green energy Learning how the sun affects different cultures Writing Punctuation Performance Task Create a poster for a festival . Grammar Imperative Future with be going to Word Expansion Words that sound the same Names of jobs Spell It ! Silent letters Part 4 Literature The Little Old Lady fom Cricket Creek a story by Len Gray Pred...  אל הספר