EXAM PRACTICE Read the article below . Then answer questions 1-8 on page 31 . TO KEEP THE PROMISE Albania , a small country in southeastern Europe , is the only European country with a Muslim majority . Before World War II , Albania’s Jewish population numbered only 200 ; however , after Hitler rose to power , many Jews from other European countries fled to Albania in search of safety . In 1943 , Albania was occupied by the Germans , but the Albanian people , in an exceptional show of bravery , refused to co-operate with the Nazis . With the exception of a single family , all of the Jews living in Albania during the German occupation survived . How did this tiny nation succeed in saving its Jews where other European nations failed ? Unlike in other countries where Jews were hidden in attics or forests , Albania’s Jews were “ hidden” in plain sight . They were invited into people’s homes , given Albanian names and clothes and passed off as family members . It was not only private indivi...  אל הספר