PART I : ACCESS TO INFORMATION FROM WRITTEN TEXTS ( 60 points ) Read the article below and then answer questions 1-8 . HACKING THE HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY Cybercrime is serious business . In fact , it is costing the global economy billions of dollars each year . One area that has been particularly hard-hit in recent years is the healthcare industry . “ Healthcare networks are extremely easy to break into , ” says Mr . Harry Johnson , Chief Security Officer of the firm Cyber 2 Safe . This raises the question : Why are our medical records so valuable to cybercriminals ? The answer is simple – financial gain . According to Mr . Johnson , medical records are worth 10 times more than credit card details on the black market . He explains that banks , for example , cancel credit cards immediately once fraud is reported , making the data useless for any further criminal activity . Healthcare systems , on the other hand , are notoriously lax in safeguarding medical information . As a matter of fact...  אל הספר