PART I : ACCESS TO INFORMATION FROM WRITTEN TEXTS ( 60 points ) Read the article below and then answer questions 1-7 . BACK TO BASICS Many parents and educators believe that children must be tech-savvy to succeed in the 21 st century . They say that technology is an important part of a child’s development . However , a growing number of recent studies now warn against frequent use of technology in the classroom , indicating that it does not enhance student performance . In one study for example , researchers from Duke University , North Carolina , tracked the academic progress of disadvantaged middle-school students who were given laptops in the hope of bridging the gap between different socio-economic groups . “ The intentions were good , but the results of the study showed otherwise , ” says Jennifer Winston , an educator and advocate for equal opportunity in American public education . In fact , the researchers noticed a steady decline in the students’ math and reading scores , whic...  אל הספר