PART I : ACCESS TO INFORMATION FROM WRITTEN TEXTS ( 60 points ) Read the article below and then answer questions 1-8 . SMOKING : THE REAL CHALLENGE The hazards of smoking tobacco are well documented . Study after study shows that smoking can lead to a host of medical problems , including cancer , respiratory diseases and a number of potentially fatal heart conditions . However , despite its well-publicized vices , millions of people continue to smoke , and thousands more pick up this deadly habit every day . But why would anyone start smoking , knowing that it is highly addictive , extremely unhealthy and can even lead to premature death ? This question was asked in a recent survey on smoking habits . The most common reasons given were peer pressure and the need to be accepted by the “ in” crowd . Other responses included a desire to feel more independent and a need to appear older or more sophisticated . Not surprisingly , the vast majority of participants agreed that it was the dumbe...  אל הספר