WRITING Describe future plans AFTER STUDENT’S BOOK , PAGE 138 , EXERCISE D A 1 Read the email below and label the parts with the words below . closing sentence sentences giving details or examples opening sentence Sarit End-of-Year Party Hi ! 1 I read your ideas about the end-of-year party and they sound great ! First , I’ll send out the invitations to all the students in our class . Then we’ll know who is planning to come . After that , I’m going to ask some 2 students to help us decorate , and I’m sure there are some people who will be happy to organize the music . Finally , I’ll get everyone to bring some snacks or some soft drinks . In the end , I’m sure this party 3 will be fantastic ! See you there ! Dalia 1 . 2 . 3 . 2 Circle the five connectors of sequence in the email above . 3 Answer the questions about the email . 1 . When will the party take place ? 2 . Who is going to come to the party ? 3 . What will Dalia ask some students to do ? 4 . What kind of party does Dalia think ...  אל הספר