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A 1 Complete the ad using the future with will and the verbs below . receive have not forget get not be learn AVI’S DIVING SCHOOL Come to Eilat to enjoy an experience you … ! You … the basics of diving . We teach in small groups of five , so you … the personal attention you need and you … the time of your life ! You … disappointed ! At the end of the course , participants … a Diver’s Certificate and you will be able to dive anywhere in the world . VISIT OUR SITE FOR MORE INFORMATION . Write to us at aviinfo @ fundiving . oc 2 Imagine that you want to take the diving course advertised in the ad . Write at least four questions you would like to ask about it . Use the future with will . B With a partner , look at each picture and tell each other what you think the people are going to do . Use both the positive and negative form of be going to . Then write the sentences in your notebook . In picture 1 , the teens are going to go camping . They aren’t going to stay at a hotel . C Present Pr...  אל הספר