PART 1 : ACCESS TO INFORMATION FROM WRITTEN TEXTS ( 70 points ) Read the report and answer questions 1-9 . A NEW LOOK AT PEANUT ALLERGIES In recent years , peanut allergies have become a serious health problem . Peanut allergies cause more deaths than any other food allergy . The number of children in the U . S . with peanut allergies has doubled in the last ten years . Doctors around the world noticed that children in Britain and the U . S . were 10 times more likely to have peanut allergies than children in Israel . Researchers did surveys to compare the diets of children in Israel with the diets of children in Britain , and they found one major difference . Most Israeli babies began eating the peanut snack , Bamba , at around the age of six months , but babies in Britain were not given any peanut products until they were over a year old . Could eating a peanut snack at an early age actually help prevent peanut allergies ?  אל הספר