PART I : ACCESS TO INFORMATION FROM WRITTEN TEXTS ( 70 points ) Read the article and answer questions 1-8 . ANIMALS IN THE CITY Cities have always had large populations of birds , squirrels and other small animals . But now , other wild animals such as coyotes , foxes , monkeys and mountain lions are moving into cities . According to wildlife experts , many of these animals are getting used to city life . Coyotes are an example of an animal that has adapted well to city life . Animal expert Stan Gehrt says there are about 2 , 000 coyotes living in Chicago . They sleep during the day and come out when most people have gone home . “ People in Chicago walk past coyotes every day and never see them , ” Gehrt says . They have also learned to deal with traffic . Some of them even cross the street only when the light is green .  אל הספר