PART I : ACCESS TO INFORMATION FROM WRITTEN TEXTS ( 70 points ) Read the article and answer questions 1-9 . THE OLDEST PILOT Mary Ellis says she’s nothing special , but at the age of 98 , she’s the oldest pilot still flying in the world . Mary’s love of flying began when her father took her to an air show . After that , she took lessons and received her pilot’s license by the time she was sixteen . Until World War II , flying was just a hobby . But in 1941 , the Air Transport Auxiliary * ( ATA ) needed civilian pilots to fly airplanes from the factory to airbases throughout Great Britain . The ATA needed pilots so badly that they even advertised for women . Mary applied for the job and was accepted . At that time , there were 1 , 152 male pilots but only 166 female pilots in the ATA .  אל הספר