D Complete the dialogue between Jim , a reporter , and Matt , a video game player , with the words below . competitive consider extremely constantly several it’s no wonder champion ongoing broadcast Jim : Most people don’t consider video-gaming a sport . What would you say to them ? Matt : I disagree . Video-gaming is like any other sport . It is entertaining and . It’s great for people who like to win . Jim : How do you prepare yourself for a competition ? Matt : It’s an process . It takes a lot of time . You have to practice 4 . hours every day if you want to be a . Jim : Do you think video-gaming will become a popular sport ? Matt : Absolutely ! In Korea , it’s already popular . Competitions are 7 . on national TV . Millions of people watch – the games get high ratings . Jim : Are there any jobs in the video-gaming industry ? Matt : Oh , yes ! Video game companies are looking for people to design and test new games . E Write sentences about the pictures with the words given .  אל הספר