1 295 PREPOSITIONS OF TIME page 2 page 298 PREPOSITIONS OF PLACE 3 300 PREPOSITIONS OF MOVEMENT page 4 301 OTHER USEFUL PREPOSITIONS page 5 302 NOUNS / ADJECTIVES / VERBS + PREPOSITIONS page 6 304 EXPRESSIONS WITH PREPOSITIONS page CHECK YOURSELF page 307 FROM GRAMMAR TO WRITING page 308 1 PREPOSITIONS OF TIME We use prepositions of time to tell when things happen . AT We use the preposition at to describe a specific point in time : at 9 o’clock at the weekend at noon at sunrise at the moment at midnight I’ll see you at 3 o’clock . She wakes up at dawn every day . I’m seeing my best friend at the end of the day . Do you ever work at night ? We also use at in these time expressions to show sequence : at first at last at the same time At first I was scared , but then I calmed down . We waited for hours , but at last the plane took off . Everyone arrived at the same time .  אל הספר