1 FORM AND USE page 193 2 REVIEW OF THE THREE CONDITIONALS page 196 CHECK YOURSELF page 199 FROM GRAMMAR TO WRITING page 200 1 FORM AND USE Condition : Past Perfect Result : would have + V 3 If you had been here , you would have enjoyed the meal . If he hadn’t been ill , he would have come to school . A If I had gone to the concert , I would have bought a T-shirt there . ( I didn’t go to the concert and I didn’t buy a T-shirt . ) We wouldn’t have been late if the alarm clock had gone off . ( The alarm clock didn’t go off and we were late . ) These sentences talk about the past and about conditions that can never be fulfilled ( because the time is over ) . B If he’d been ( had been ) at the party last week , I’d have seen ( would have seen ) him . Both had and would can be shortened to ’d . Note : We can use might have and could have ( instead of would have ) in the result clause with a slight change in meaning . Tom might have gone to the rock concert if he had known about it . ( Perha...  אל הספר