1 GERUNDS ( VERB + ING ) page 105 2 INFINITIVES ( TO + VERB ) page 107 3 VERBS FOLLOWED BY A GERUND OR AN INFINITIVE page 110 4 SENSORY VERBS page 113 CHECK YOURSELF page 115 FROM GRAMMAR TO WRITING page 116 1 GERUNDS ( VERB + ING ) A gerund is a noun which has the form verb + ing . Gerunds can be used in the following cases : A Smoking is bad for your health . as the subject of a sentence B We all enjoy eating out . That car isn’t worth buying . as an object of certain verbs and expressions ( see the list below ) C He is interested in collecting stamps . I’m tired of waiting for him . after prepositions The verbs and expressions below are followed by gerunds : appreciate dislike imagine postpone risk delay enjoy keep practise suggest discuss finish miss there’s / it’s no use can’t help be worth put off feel like give up can’t stand be / get used to  אל הספר