1 FORM AND USE page 75 2 OTHER WAYS OF EXPRESSING THE MAIN CLAUSE page 77 CHECK YOURSELF page 79 FROM GRAMMAR TO WRITING page 80 1 FORM AND USE He will have his lunch as soon as he gets home . As soon as he gets home , he will have his lunch . They won’t be very happy once they hear the truth . Once they hear the truth , they won’t be very happy . These sentences refer to the future . Each sentence has two parts : the main clause in the future , and the part that begins with the time expression . The verb after the time expression is in the present tense even though it talks about the future . TIME EXPRESSIONS We often use the following time expressions in time clauses with future meaning : after by the time ( that ) until / till as long as once when as soon as the moment ( that ) whenever before Note : When the time expression comes at the beginning of the sentence , we put a comma before the main part of the sentence .  אל הספר