1 FUTURE WITH WILL AND BE GOING TO page 67 2 FUTURE PROGRESSIVE page 68 3 FUTURE PERFECT page 70 CHECK YOURSELF page 71 FROM GRAMMAR TO WRITING page 72 1 FUTURE WITH WILL AND BE GOING TO POSITIVE : will + base verb He will arrive soon . NEGATIVE : will not / won’t + base verb I won’t arrive soon . QUESTION : Will … + base verb Will they arrive soon ? We use will in the following cases : A They will leave tomorrow at 7 . 00 am . to express a future action or intention B Someone’s at the door . I’ll get it . to make a spontaneous decision at the time of speaking C If you don’t hurry , you will be late . Don’t play with matches . You’ll burn yourself . to express a prediction based on certain conditions or to give a warning D I’ll help you if I have time . I won’t speak to him again . to express willingness or refusal to do something  אל הספר