1 PAST SIMPLE page 19 2 PAST PROGRESSIVE page 24 3 PAST SIMPLE / PAST PROGRESSIVE page 27 CHECK YOURSELF page 29 FROM GRAMMAR TO WRITING page 30 1 PAST SIMPLE POSITIVE : base verb + ed / irregular verb He talked . NEGATIVE : did not + base verb She did not talk . QUESTION : Did … + base verb Did they talk ? We use the Past Simple in the following cases : A We bought a new car last month . to refer to an action that took place and was completed in the past B He walked into the room and noticed that it was unusually dark . to tell a story in which one thing happened after another TIME EXPRESSIONS Time expressions with the Past Simple usually come at the beginning or end of a sentence . last week last month last year when he was young in 1990 in November a week ago many years ago yesterday five days ago  אל הספר